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0, and I think it was because everyone loved Overwatch so much

The social climate was incredibly conservative, in a very stuffy way. People say that Swiss society is very conformist nowadays but they have no idea how conformist it was back in those days. All those odd laws that we have (you not allowed to use the toilet after 10pm because it too loud etc) date back to that time.

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Canada Goose Parka Jesus, people, you think this is about being the deciding factor? That not what this shit is about. An election isn a matter of winning and losing parties. It about every individual seat. I feel like everyone forgets Mercy 2.0, and I think it was because everyone loved Overwatch so much at that point they were able to forgive a mistake at that point even if it was massive. But Mercy 2.0 was far worse than Brigitte, to the point I argue that the game was unplayable for 4 months. If you didn have a Mercy, you were guaranteed a loss Canada Goose Parka.