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A new thing I seeing is about no WTO terms in particular

Ranked modes are 5 minute drafts at least and unranked at 4. For me that a no go. Waiting 7 minutes and then the decent liklihood someone dodges is just a kick to the nuts.. Then the Tories have a choice literally discard the GFA to put up a sea border (that the EU wouldn agree to), go Full Hard Brexit or be trapped in the working agreement. The fact DUP is supplying confidence to the UK govt makes it harder, but the UK can just sell off NI to satisfy their whims. The EU is built upon treaties and laws, they will never countenance us ignoring our own!Opinions on a United Ireland amongst the population of Northern Ireland are changing with every generation, if TM was to shaft the DUP and place the border in the Irish Sea then there would be a very vocal minority of flag protesting marching and the usual but enough of the people of NI would see protecting the GFA as the responsible thing to do for the future..

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