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” But it legal, makes a lot of money, and she has a very good

The things you say carry an obvious lack of knowledge for not only humans, but the animals around us. I won be continuing this argument due to that very obvious fact, but, I will leave your arrogant mind with this; You are not special, humans are not special. You are only evolved a few more millions of years than our closest of ansester.

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canada goose uk outlet The days of action are over! No more do the people of the (possibly flat, we haven’t all come to a consensus on that you know) Earth need to protest, march, express, or revolt! Only polite discourse and filing into tight lines to vote in broken systems can possibly save us now! And you shall be the herald carrying the torch as you lead us into the golden age of contentedness and inaction. They will build statues of you, for you have pointed out that terrorist sympathizers and enablers, provocateurs and those who’s words embolden people to commit acts of mass violence truly deserve absolutely no punishment or discomfort, should be allowed to continue their intentional acts of stochastic terrorism, should be granted any platform they desire, and should only ever maybe occasionally have to read Reddit comments that disagree with them, if they choose to. This, is the ideal state of things. canada goose uk outlet

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