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But ProPublica and NPR found that more than 99 percent of the

Instead insurers turned them in after they sought treatment and their employers transmitted paperwork containing the Social Security number they’d used to get hired.Because the law also made it a crime to apply for a job with a fake ID, hundreds of immigrant workers were charged with workers’ comp fraud even though they had never been injured or filed a claim.State insurance fraud investigators insist the law has nothing to do with immigration. But ProPublica and NPR found that more than 99 percent of the workers arrested under the statute were Hispanic immigrants working with false papers. And they say it shifts medical costs to taxpayers.”This has sent a signal throughout the workforce that if you’re injured, don’t report it, don’t tell your boss because you know that in order to keep from paying benefits, they’re going to call immigration on you,” said Rich Templin of the Florida AFL CIO.

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