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If refi was 7k and that was added to principal on refi then

How can you be a professional at something that based on luck and chance? There a lot more than meets the eye, “hunches” and “gut feelings” are a very small part of poker. It a very mathematical, probabilities driven game. If you curious, consider looking up game theory branch of mathematics, and specifically as it pertains to poker.

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canada goose clearance I understand the reasons for firing him because I agree with the crowd that sees FSU, TxTech and Tennessee succeeding and says, why can that be us, but I also understand that you can just fire your coach every 5 years when he doesn have Clemson in the Elite Eight every other year as if he has the same resources to work with as a coach at Duke or UNCmrlazyboy 1 point submitted 11 days agoTrue, I should realistically view my current scenario as “I pay $1,700 per month and get $500.” The second scenario is “I pay $1,900 per month and get $1,000.”When you logically subtract one from the other, you get “I pay $200 more per month, and get $300.” It does represent a much higher efficiency in terms of payment. From my perspective, I paying $200 more per month, and improving my monthly principal gain by $300. That tells me that I coming out $300 ahead on the refinance each month, so we break even in roughly 2 years if the refinance costs $7,000.Robhasaquestion 2 points submitted 11 days agoSo you’re saying with the old loan you were paying $1200/month in interest just before the refi and now you’re paying $900/month after the refi? That’s not consistent with the numbers you’ve provided.If refi was 7k and that was added to principal on refi then you’re monthly interest at 4.5% of 323k pre refi is $1210/month (consistent with 1700 and 500 numbers) but the interest in the refi is 3.75% on 330k, which is $1030/month, so you’re saving $180/month in interest assuming equal principal payments. canada goose clearance

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