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“It’s not surplus land; it’s land that is fit for repurpose as

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Canada Goose Jackets At 12 storeys, it would exceed Moreland discretionary height limits for the Sydney Road site, although the council said it was yet to receive a development application for the building.The government wants to sell the site, which it reserved for many years for a possible Coburg bypass and which is contaminated from industrial uses, to a private developer that is willing to realise its vision for more affordable housing in the inner suburbs.But the proposal to the private sector does not stipulate how many of the 106 apartments would be set aside for social housing, only that offers that maximise the number of such units will be favoured.A similar sized housing project under cheap canada goose way on the site of a former state school in Blackshaws Road, Altona North, marketed as Alfie, has a target of just 10 per cent affordable housing.Housing advocates said Development Victoria should set much higher targets when it builds on scarce government owned sites in the suburbs, given Victoria’s growing social housing shortage.A report published this month by the University of NSW’s City Futures Research Centre found there are about 109,000 households in Victoria at risk of homelessness due to a lack of affordable housing, mostly in Melbourne.Tackling the shortage of affordable housing has been identified as a key challenge. Credit:Nicolas WalkerInfrastructure Victoria, a state government advisory body, has also identified fixing the shortage of affordable housing as one of the state’s three most important challenges over the next 30 years.Kate Colvin, manager of policy at the Council to Homeless Persons, said it was positive that the government was including some social housing in its developments on surplus land, but its efforts were being compromised by its desire to cash in from land sales.”If the government was to do 50 per cent social housing on that land, they would generate less revenue, so it’s their unwillingness to forgo revenue that is the blockage,” Ms Colvin said.The lack of affordable housing options in Melbourne threatened to lock low paid workers out of the inner city, she said.”We don’t want a situation where all of the high waged citizens of Melbourne live in inner suburbs and the only place that people on lower wages can afford to live is in the far flung suburbs.”Dr Kate Shaw, a planner and urban geographer with the University of Melbourne, said the state government should seek to maximise the amount of affordable housing it can build on its unused land, rather than treat those sites as “surplus land” to be sold to developers.”It’s not surplus land; it’s land that is fit for repurpose as affordable housing,” Dr Shaw said.”To use Development Victoria as a marketing agency to sell it to the private sector is completely absurd.”A Development Victoria spokesperson said the Coburg site was one of a number of residential projects it was delivering that would provide diverse and affordable housing for Victoria’s growing population. (edit: there is also some capacity if you ran trains only to Southern Cross and terminated them there, but this isn done at the moment except for Showgrounds/Racecourse specials)The main reason for Melbourne Metro is not to build new stations but to create a new route through the city for the Sunbury line. Canada Goose Jackets

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