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Neff’s various awards, ceremonial key to the city, and other

Wow. The people that the girls have to take care of. There are 3 that are more pigs than I am. 154 points submitted 10 days agoI not American, but the Philando Castile thing shook me to the core. Sure he wasn unarmed, but he let the cop know he had a gun (like you supposed to) and he got executed in front of his family for his trouble. I don know how the laws work in the US but everywhere else that cop would been in jail for murder.

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canada goose uk shop Recognizing that constitutional protections apply to non citizens is our way of affirming that they have rights because they are people and not just because they are Americans. They initially sent it out on about a dozen USB sticks to Green Party politicians, journalists and others, and had planned to distribute a password if anyone tried to take down WikiLeaks. But then the file appeared on the site for anyone to grab, and WikiLeaks has recently said the password would be released if anything “grave” took place involving WikiLeaks staff canada goose uk shop.