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Neither the post nor my comment broke any of the rules

Caribbeans have ruined Toronto because we allow these degenerates to just carry on like their retard island nations. Somalis, even worse. I can extend this to a lot of groups.. Do you mean that reversed? Because the answer is being able to keep it. You fulfill a claim to land by being able to keep it, whether through force or external intervention. And much of that doesn even apply to many tribes, since several of the larger established ones (Navajo/Apache) were nomadic..

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Canada Goose Online You don think that single people travel to other countries to meet other single people? You don think people backpack through Europe and South East Asia to party and hook up? And even if you don think that it doesn matter, that not a reason to delete a post because you personally don like something. On top of that, my comment was detailed, provided a lot of insight, and I was even talking about a book he should read, but all you saw was one bit you didn like and derailed the whole post. Neither the post nor my comment broke any of the rules. Canada Goose Online

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