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There are two, that right, TWO trashcans in the break room

While Mayor he fired the first black police chief in his town for recording racist police officers being racist. When he wanted a populated residential area filled with mostly POC to be used for a government project, he sent out city inspectors to fine people for unnecessary home repairs in that area until they couldn afford the fines any longer, then evicted them in the middle of winter before demolishing their homes. The eviction rate in his town is three times the national average..

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Canada Goose sale Why do we have to put them on parade and show off how we are? That disingenuous and patronizing. It like dating an person out of pity and then using them to show off your moral superiority.princeamanita T 21/02/19 2 points submitted 1 day agoI thought because I was effeminate it meant I couldn be a binary male. It meant I had to be nonbinary Canada Goose sale.