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There no need to cut anything

Probably in part because the people behind those episodes actually had some real love for the characters they were working hit the nail on the head there the probably everyone had is two fold 1) You dont take a guy that is supposed to be displined and spent more then a decade becoming the best fighter and centered being and make them such a whinny bitch, no one that trained that hard and was that disapline would be as whinny as he was.the actor was great his fighing was horrendous in S1. And it was only made worse when compared to the cage fight scene with Colleen, the contrast was just too big of a gap it make this worlds greatest fighter guy seem like some teenage white belt that just took a few classesTyphoid Mary was epic casting she made me want to learn more of her background!Part of the problem with the fighting is that Finn Jones has zero martial arts background.Honestly, I don hold that against him. I know there purists out there who disagree, but casting someone to play a martial arts expert when the actor isn isn necessarily a horrible idea.

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