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There was, at that time, an active Francophone Marxist

You got this nice rectangular structure going on here, with each one having a really nice texture, but that what missing in the sky. There is texture for every rectangle and shape that is forming the composition, with a dead sky. I think if we broke this down to minimalism with the shapes, colours, textures its a solid photo but it just needs that bump of something in the sky, a single cloud in the middle would have really tied it all together..

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canada goose I get the sentiment, I really do, but that sounds like an ideology of escalation that fails to account for large swaths of civilians on any side of a conflict that want the violence to end. Granted the US has lots of jingoistic asshats that have eaten themselves sick on violent imperialist propaganda, lots of us still don cosign the violence our country perpetrates all over the world.My parents grew up in Quebec in the 1960s and 1970s. There was, at that time, an active Francophone Marxist Leninist organization committing domestic terrorism all over Quebec but particularly in military neighbourhoods and places where Anglos lived.Most Quebecois Francophones who were around back then would have some sympathy for the FLQ motives Anglo supremacy and racism was a legitimate thing and Anglos controlled most of the wealth in a region where most people spoke French. canada goose

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