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When thinking about the next 5 years he think leaving might be

So keep him to 2022 and pay him 600k a week plus bonuses, or find a club stupid enough to give him say 300k a week, and probably pay him the 40 45mil difference for the next three years to get him to leave.Players often say they want to leave, but when push comes to shove he had a contract that says 600k a week and if, lets say Utd were offering 250k a week, how much will he really want to leave then. He going to be 30 before next season starts, he already injury prone, if he leaves it would be his last big contract almost certainly and it most likely going to be worth literally 10s of millions less than his current contract over the next 3 years. When thinking about the next 5 years he think leaving might be best, when he thinks about the 60 years after that, the 600k a week would persuade 99% of players to see out the contract regardless of all the players who talk about love of the game and all the rest.

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